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In Academic IELTS writing task 1, you might expect to have one of the following graph types:

9 types of IELTS Graphs:

  1. IELTS Bar Graph.
  2. IELTS Line Graph.
  3. IELTS Pie Chart.
  4. IELTS Table Graph.
  5. IELTS Diagram.
  6. IELTS Map.
  7. IELTS Pictorial.
  8. IELTS Flow Chart.
  9. IELTS Mix Graph.

If you are taking the Academic IELTS, in your writing task 1 you will need to describe a graph. The graphs come with various data and you need to write at least 150 words in this task. Your ability to describe the information present in the graph accurately and precision in writing style would determine your score.

Ideally you should spend about 20 minutes on this task and that would allow you to use remaining 40 minutes on essay writing.

It is advised that you write the summery of the data presented in the graph. Your graph writing question would include:

“Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.”

It is clear from the question that you are expected to write the summary of the graph, and present the main features of the graph. Comparing and contrasting are also expected. However, never try to describe every piece of data.

IELTS Bar Graph

A bar graph would be present in the question and you would need to describe the main features of the bar graph. It is also recommended that you present the summary of the bar graph as well as make comparison where relevant.

Example of a Bar Graph:

What those kinds are doing

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IELTS Line Graph

The data presented on a Line graph are usually easier to describe. However that might get complex if there are a larger number of data to compare.

Example of Line Graph:

Amount of fast food consumed

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IELTS Pie Chart

The pie chart shows the comparison and segments of data and is often given in the IELTS academic task 1. You should easily be able to describe the pie chart and its data once you are acquainted with the process of describing pie charts.

Example of Pie Chart:

Electricity Generation in Germany

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IELTS Table Graph

Table graph presents data in a table and there are usually multiple columns and rows of data. Comparing data presented on table should also be practiced to efficiently present the data in your writing.

Example of Table Graph:

Hours of leisure time

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IELTS Diagram

Diagrams often present how a process works or how something works. It might be from simple range to very difficult one. Before you start writing the answer always pay attention to understand the diagram first.

Example of Diagram:

central heating system

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This type of graph often presents two maps of a place and asks the candidates to compare the changes. This could be a single map as well.

Example of Map:

island before and after construction

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IELTS Pictorial

Pictorials are quite similar to diagrams and maps and often present the picture of a place of thing. This is kind of pictorial form of data.

Example of Pictorial:

process of tying a bow tie

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IELTS Flow Chart

The flow chart shows the flows of a processes or steps. You should always spend few times on understanding the flow chart before describing it.

Example of Flow Chart:

diamonds moving from mine

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IELTS Mixed Graph

In your Academic IELTS task 1, you will often find more than one graph of various types. For example, a graph question that would present data using a table and then a pie chart and so on. You should be able to present data accurately even if there are multiple graph types.

Example of a Mixed graph:

Wheat Exports 1985-1990

World spending

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