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We are a team of professional writers and IELTS trainers and this website is a result of our dream to establish a common place for all IELTS candidates, students, teachers and researchers to share their knowledge on IELTS test. We continuously update this website and add new articles to help many IELTS test takers around the world to prepare for the test.

We all took our IELTS exams and this website combines our knowledge, experience, tips and sample answers to help the IELTS candidates who want to get a good score. We write from our experience and do comprehensive research before writing and that’s makes us different from other IELTS websites.

Many of our candidates also contribute in this website and that makes us a team of global people. We have writers from the United Kingdom, India, Canada, Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australia and many more. The combined contribution is just the beginning and our aim is to make it a website must for all IELTS test takers.

We have an extensive knowledge on the IELTS exams we write on but we are not directly involved with any test taking authority.

We love writing and nothing is more inspiring than being able to write on topics that would help someone achieve a milestone for his/ her future career.

This website started its journey with only two core team members. Now we have more than 20 people who are regularly writing for us. We believe a noble journey starts with few but involves thousands in the long run.

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