Grammar quiz 2

//Grammar quiz 2

Grammar quiz 2

Grammatical accuracy is an important factor to get a higher band score. In fact one of the four criteria for marking your writing is ‘Grammatical accuracy’. Take this Grammar quiz and assess how well you know about these 10 different grammar rules. Match your answer and find out the mistakes you made. That will give you a good chance to rectify any weakness wrong impression you have regarding an important grammatical rule.


1. A good student must know ____________.


2. _______________ did Author realize that there was danger.


3. Cuba is ______sugar-growing areas in the world.


4. Here _______ notebook and report that I promised you last week.


5. Neither Emma nor her brothers____________ a consent form for tomorrow’s field trip.


6. ____________ that new information to anyone else but the sergeant.


7. The skiers would rather ___________through the mountains than go by bus.


8. Of the two new teachers, one is experienced and ___________.


9. The cyclist __________ he crossed the busy street.


10. There were two small rooms in the beach house, __________ served as kitchen.




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