Grammar Quiz 1

//Grammar Quiz 1

Grammar Quiz 1

Take the IELTS Grammar Quiz 1 and test your grammatical accuracy for your IELTS test. Whenever you get an answer wrong, you should study the relevant grammatical rules and learn what the correct grammar for this. This quiz is aimed to assess your grammatical accuracy and let you find out your weaknesses so that you can correct it for your test.

Emily hasn’t begun working on her Ph.D. __________________working on her master’s.


Alfred contributed fifty dollars, but he wishes he could contribute _________.


Jims grades have improved, but only_______.


The friends at the shopping-mall were worried about Emma because no one was aware ____________she had gone.


It was not until she had arrived home ________remembered her appointment with the dentist.


The committee has met and _________.


Mike would certainly have attended the proceedings _____.


Because the first pair of pants did not fit properly, Ashim asked for_______.


The changes in the capital city have occurred __________.


Stephen said that no other car could go________.


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