Describe a transportation problem in your city/town

IELTS Speaking: Cue Card

Describe a transportation problem in your city/town.

You should say:

  • what the problem is
  • what the reasons for this problem
  • how it affects you

and explain how you think it might be solved.

Cue Card Answer:

Thank you for this nice topic. In fact, this is too relevant to my regular life. Every day, I have to experience the same trouble while my way to the office in Jakarta. I am unable to ride on the vehicles because they are packed with passengers. The situations turn worst during the rush hours in the morning. A severe scarcity of public transport appears. I am unable to get on the vehicles while taking a seat is a dream for me. Moreover, being a female, the problems are more severe for me.

Several reasons cause this problem. First of all, the number of public vehicles is insufficient here. The vehicles we have also lack spaces inside to ride on. The number of people travelling on public transports is on the rise too. Besides, the worst traffic congestions have also played an important role here. I believe, all the reasons have extended the sufferings in transportation in the city.

Well, I am always affected by this problem. The most important thing is that I cannot ride on public buses. My residence is located on the midway of the route and the buses come in a crowded state. Moreover, there are no passenger shades in the stoppage I ride from. So, it is hard for me to ride in a passenger-filled bus. So, I make late every day to reach office. And placing excuses to my boss is a regular phenomenon. This is greatly affecting my career.

Increasing the number of public buses is a potential solution to this problem. Besides, the traffic control systems need to be developed. Besides, some alternative vehicular movements need to be introduced in the city so that people could move easily in places they need. Reservation for women seats should be maintained as well.