Companies are practicing many ways to increase employee satisfaction.

IELTS Writing Task 2 with sample answer.

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Companies are practicing many ways to increase employee satisfaction. For instance, they offer several benefits, like bonuses, free international training programs, housing loans, health insurances and auto loans. In your opinion, which of the benefits mentioned above will give employees the utmost satisfaction?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Employee satisfaction, in common parlance, refers to how much content employees are with their jobs. It is considered as an important phenomenon pertaining to companies’ productivity. That is why, every employer is trying to find out approaches to increase job satisfaction, but it is so difficult to select the most effective one to render employees the uttermost satisfaction. Bonuses, free international training sessions, housing loans, health insurances, and auto loans are the most frequent practice in satisfying employees. But contentment is subject to relative matter and no one single method could contribute to the utmost satisfaction, I think. That is to say, employers should use these methods in combination where applicable.
It goes without saying that giving bonuses is the direct way to compensate employees’ hardworking. The notion of this method is that the harder the employee works, the more bonuses will be given is a handy way to motivate executives to work hard. Most importantly, it causes a sense of ownership and, thus being satisfied, employees devote themselves to their work in order to achieve company’s goal.
Likewise, international training programs also content executives to a great extent. This is because human beings always quest for new knowledge, and international training sessions provide employees with cutting-edge theory and skills to be honed. Besides, they can be acquainted with different cultures, languages, and can visits many attractive places, and which in turn, content them significantly.Similarly, from the primitive age to modern era, human beings have always been looking for secured and cozy shelter.  In the case, house loan offers executives the opportunity to have apartments or homes they dream for. House loan, thus, is a real satisfaction as it renders employees’ dream into reality.By the same token, auto loan is another key method to increase job satisfaction.Nowadays, most cities suffer from traffic congestion. Therefore, the daily commute to work has become a grueling experience. Private vehicle may calm their commute stress. Apart from that, car or automobile often represents status. So, auto loans contribute to employees’ contentment. In the same manner, health insurance increases executives’ contentment too. Health insurance is nothing but a confidence that executives have no tension for health care cost. Health insurance, thus, plays a paramount role in employee contentment.

To wrap up, employee is a blood stream of any company. Which is why, employers try to content employees as much as possible. Several methods, such as bonus, health insurance, house and auto loan, foreign training programs, are used to raise gratification of employees. From above discussion, it could be easily said that a proper combination of benefits can only give the employees the uttermost satisfaction.