Childhood obesity is becoming a serious problem in many countries

IELTS Writing Task 2 with sample answer.

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Childhood obesity is becoming a serious problem in many countries.

Explain the main causes and effects of this problem and suggest some possible solutions.

Write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer 1:

Today, childhood obesity is one of the most pressing issues in many developed countries. Several factors, such as poverty, cheap junk food, and unhealthy lifestyle and so forth, lie in the phenomenon. The government has to make policy in order to grapple with the problem.

For a start, poverty is the root cause of childhood obesity. Poor families fail to feed their children the fruit and vegetables vital to their nourishment, and tend to rely on cheap and convenient alternatives. To cap it all, the natural way of feeding infants has been died out. A mounting body of studies shows that breastfeeding reduces the risk of overweight and obesity in childhood. Apart from that, the era of junk foods and video games has spawned new generation; the overweight children whose eating habits and play are altogether different than the children a bygone era. Nowadays, children are indulged their taste for junk foods and they spend their leisure time by playing video games or watching TV cartoons. They reluctant to engage in physical activities, which in turn cause the obesity in childhood.

However, the government should take necessary action to curb the obesity in childhood. First of all, the tax should be imposed on junk foods, and also the fruit and vegetables are ought to be subsidized heavily.  This by consequence will create a condition conducive to relying on healthy foods.  Secondly, the government should also mount a campaign to encourage breastfeeding. Last but not the least, physical activity and education should be emphasized in primary and junior secondary school curriculum.

To recapitulate, the rise in childhood obesity has become grave public health concern. Cheap junk foods and modern lifestyle are contributing to the obesity in childhood. The subsidy of health foods could be silver bullet for this problem.

Sample Answer 2:

Childhood obesity is a concerning issue across the world, especially for the parents having overweight kids. The rate has been doubled comparing to past 30 years and the children are experiencing excessive weight even before they reach their adolescence or get admitted at school. It happens mostly for the imbalance of calorie in the body. Besides, several other pushing factors are also liable in making the kids obese.

Unhealthy eating behavior is considered as the top most important factor behind the overweight among the kids below 10 years. With the advancement of the world, everyone, including the parents, is getting busier and thus they (the parents) are unable to maintain a healthy diet pattern in the family. Absence of physical activities is also associated here. As people lack the chances to burn the calories they take in and accordingly gain too much pounds. Besides, the surrounding environment is also responsible for their unhealthy lifestyle.

More to the point, the children in different countries have fewer choices to get healthy foods in their menu. Most of the time they are to intake foods with high calories, sugars, fat and salt which are filled with less nutrients for their body and growth. Further, the children are more prone to watch television for longer hours. As a result, they remain inactive which helps to increase the risk of getting weighty.

So, when the children turn heavier than their age and height, there are likely to suffer from long and short term health disorders. They develop more chances to be victimized by cardiovascular diseases and stroke earlier than the other kids. Often they are diagnosed with high blood pressure or higher cholesterol level. Diabetes is another shocking factor for them while they may also be affected with bone or joint disorders. Cases have been found that obese kids suffer from psychological disorders.

In conclusion, it is appears that the prevention of childhood obesity is not a big deal. Changing the food habits may reduce the problem to a greater level. The obese children should be inspired to have home-made low caloric foods. Fruit and vegetable intakes with plenty of clean water (instead of sweetened beverage) should also be added on the diet list. A change in the daily routine with an hour of physical activity is a must for them. Outdoor sports may be the best suited one as those are enjoyable and help burning calories easily.