Adults often like to think back on their childhood days

IELTS Writing Task 2 with sample answer.

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

As they grow older, adults often like to think back on their childhood days.  Are childhood and primary school days the best times in a person’s life?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer 1:
It seems that in today’s world, people are doing everything at a faster pace.  Family time, work and even recreation time happen all too quickly.  In response, people like to remember the times when things moved a little slower.  I often look back on my childhood and primary school days – when life was more ‘simple’ – and wish I could return to them.

There are some down-sides to being a child.  A child is inexperienced, and lacks understanding about life; he or she must go through a period of learning basic ‘life skills’ such as manners and appropriate language.  A child also lacks wisdom and will therefore make mistakes that an older, more mature person would not normally make.

However, there are many more positive aspects of being a child.  One of the biggest benefits is in the area of sleep.  Generally, parents encourage children to ‘go to bed early’ for one reason or another.  Sleep seems to be something that most adults wish they had more of!  Another benefit of being a child is in the area of responsibility.  The only person a child is responsible for is himself!  Life is therefore less complicated and slower-paced.  In addition, children are normally not engaged in full-time work.  This means the stress of finding and keeping a job is not a part of their life.

Childhood for most people is certainly a stress-free time!  For me, childhood was a wonderful experience that I very happily look back upon.  I believe that childhood and primary school days are among the best times in a person’s life.

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Sample Answer 2:
It is obvious that by time, people start to miss the old days when they were young, believing that these were the best days of their lives. In my point of view, this is totally wrong for many reasons like long-lasting relationships, financial independence and having contented family life.

Firstly, adulthood is characterized by the maturity of the person’s thoughts and having a wealth of shared experience, this has many positive aspects such as building long-lasting friendships. While early in childhood, one does not appreciate the importance of relationships, and tend to underrate friendships, mature adults realize how meaningful it is to have a lifelong friend.

Another reason is experiencing the financial independence and having one’s own career. This is considered a source of pride and happiness to any person, especially when he is successful in his job. For instance, a school-aged boy is always completely dependent on his parents, so he must ask them to pay for every single thing he needs and so everything lies under their own opinion and permission, whereas when he grows older, he would have his own income, so he can spend any amount of money on whatever he wants.

A final reason to mention is the joy of having a contented family life of one’s own. Being a responsible partner in such a long-term successful relationship, and raising your own offspring can have a wonderful effect on your soul. This opportunity is not offered to young irresponsible children though.

In conclusion, childhood may have many joyful moments of freedom and lack of responsibility, but eventually joys of maturity supersedes these moments.

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