Academic IELTS Writing Basic Quiz

The following quiz is designed to test your understanding about the IELTS Academic Writing Section. Test format, timing, scoring, and other details that you should know to do better in your Academic IELTS Writing test are covered in this test.

This test is aimed to assess your understanding about the Academic IELTS Writing Section. As an intended Academic IELTS test taker, you should be able to answer all these questions very comfortably.

1. How long does the Academic Writing test last?


2. What is the minimum word Requirement for the Academic IELTS Task 1?


3. How many tasks you are required to write in the writing Section?


4. How long should you spend to finish your Essay?


5. What is the minimum word requirement for IELTS Essay?


6. Can you use a pencil to write your Essay?


7. Are you allowed to take a break during your Writing test?


8. You need to write your answer in a formal Style?


9. What type of question you might expect to answer in Task 1?


10. Which of the following is not true?


11. Task 2 contributes twice as much as task 1 to the Writing score.


12. What type of IELTS Essay you are likely to encounter in your Exam?