What are disadvantages of knocking down old buildings?

IELTS Writing Task 2 with sample answer.

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In many cities there is a lack of space to live and as a result, in order to modernise old buildings are demolished and replaced with new buildings.

What are disadvantages of knocking down old buildings? Do the advantages over-weigh its disadvantages?

You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer:
With explosion of population, there is dire crisis for space to live in many cities. Thereby, the older buildings are being torn down to construct new ones. Though some old buildings are significant for its aesthetic or archeological values, I think it is quite rational to make more space to live.

To start with, old buildings represent a particular era and some of them have great aesthetic, archeological or architectural worth. They provide an insight into the history of the city that how the ancestors live centuries ago. And most importantly, they are symbolized either as an integral part of culture or unique in the realm of architecture. Demolishing of these buildings means harming the cultural heritage. Besides, these structures might be the source of tourism.

However, the old buildings that some people want to conserve are not worth saving. In fact, the cities would benefit much more if the old structures are demolished and have high rise modern buildings, shopping malls, etc. in the places of old buildings. By replacing old structures with skyscrapers, we can provide home for more people occupying the same area of land. This reduces pressure on cultivated land. This means that it not only solves the housing problem, but also leaves more lands for harvesting crops. Aside from that, new shopping malls would boost the economy of the town and could create new job opportunities as well. That is to say that pulling down old building may enhance overall lifestyle of the city.

In pithy, the decision as to whether or not the old structures should be knocked down can be a tough one, and in most cases, many different aspects will need to be considered prior to any structure taking place. However, based on above discussion it can be concluded that the advantages of demolishing old building for new modern structures are far more advantageous than keeping the old ones.