Weddings Are Getting Bigger And More Expensive

IELTS Writing Task 2 with sample answer.

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write at least 250 words.

Weddings are getting bigger and more expensive

What is the reason for this?

Is it a positive or negative development?

Sample Answer:

Weddings are becoming increasingly bigger and more expensive with each passing year, and this is a trend that has been observed in many countries. There could be a number of reasons behind this phenomenon, but the most prominent one is the increasing social pressure of having a “perfect” wedding. People want to make their wedding day as special and memorable as possible, and so they are willing to spend a large amount of money in order to make the event look grand. Another factor that could play a role in this development is the influence of the media. People are more exposed to glamorous images of celebrity weddings, which encourages them to spend extravagantly on their own wedding day.

The trend of having more expensive and extravagant weddings is a debatable issue. On the one hand, it could be argued that such a trend can be seen as a positive development, as it reflects the increasing importance of marriage in society. Moreover, it could be argued that such a trend can help stimulate the economy, as more money is going into the wedding industry. On the other hand, some people might argue that it is a negative development. For example, it could be argued that people are spending too much money on their wedding day, which could be better spent on other things, such as buying a house or investing in their education. Moreover, it could be argued that such a trend could lead to an increase in social inequality, as not everyone can afford to have a lavish wedding.

In conclusion, it can be seen that the trend of having increasingly bigger and more expensive weddings is a debatable issue, with both positive and negative points of view. However, it is important to remember that such a trend should not be encouraged if it leads to people spending too much money, as this could have negative consequences for both individuals and society as a whole.