Today more people are travelling than ever before

IELTS Writing Task 2 with sample answer.

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Today more people are travelling than ever before. Why is this the case? What are the benefits of travelling for the traveler?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

Idea Generation for this essay:

Why more people are travelling than ever before:More exposure of tourism

  • The advancement in transportation sector has made it easier for people to travel more.
  • The impact of Globalization has also created the necessity to travel more and more.
  • More people are nowadays are opting to study, travel or work in a foreign country.
  • The invention of internet has made it easier for tourists and potential employees to learn about different places and job opportunities. This ultimately affects their decision to travel or work in a new city.
  • The city offers better job facilities and that’s why more people are travelling to cities than ever before.
  • The cheap and convenient air travel facility attracts more and more people to travel to new places.
  • The employees of multinational companies often need to attend seminar, training, business meeting and that’s why they very often travel.
  • The numbers of students who are opting to get a foreign degree are increasing rapidly. That ultimately increases the number of people travelling nowadays.
  • The business and trade opportunity across the border is another reason people travel frequently nowadays than before.

Benefits of travelling for the travelers:It is a part of education

  • Travelling is a part of education and it enhances the knowledge and experience of travelers.
  • Traveling gives the firsthand experience of different customs and traditions.
  • Traveling gives us the opportunity to disconnect from our regular monotonous life and refreshes us.
  • Travelling widen the view and perspective of the travelers.
  • Travelling with family and friends often becomes our sweet memory in life.
  • Travelling in new places often erase our stress and bad memories.

Model Answer:
Now, more than ever, people are traveling a lot. The development of aviation and globalization contributes to the phenomenon.  However, people can enrich themselves through these travels, as they gain cultural experience, and hone their skills required for job fields.

For a start, the development of aviation has made the air fare cheaper than ever before. As a result, not only can the affluent people afford the travel cost, but also common people can bear the expense of traveling. In addition, globalization has expanded the business throughout the globe. Consequently, people need to travel in order for business purpose. Apart from that, people now lead a hectic life and want to recharge themselves through traveling. People, thus, are travelling more than ever before.

However, travelling is useful for people in several ways. First of all, it helps people escape the racial pigeon hole. For instance, when people tour a country, they can be acquainted with the host country’s culture, heritage, and tradition. Consequently, they can understand different perspectives, which in turn free people from stereotypes and may calm global tensions between the nations. Secondly, globalization has removed the national boundaries and has expanded trade and commerce across the world. As a result, the employers need the employees with knacks such as, self-dependence, networking, bilingualism, and so forth. And people can attain global experience through touring the nations. Last but not the least, the increase of travelling can boom the tourism industry. Which by consequence may create myriad job opportunities and people can get rid of the poverty curse.

To recapitulate, the improvement of aviation and globalization contributes to the rise of travelling. It brings forth several benefits, for instance enlightens people, tames tensions, sharps essential skills, and booms tourism industry to name but a few.