The nature of the average holiday is changing

IELTS Writing Task 2 with sample answer.

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

According to those in the travel business, the nature of the average ‘holiday’ is changing. Rather than seeking a relaxing break in a far-away place, people now want excitement on their holidays and are keen to participate in unusual and challenging activities.

Why this change has happened? Do you think it is a good trend?

Write at least 250 words.

Model Answer:

Typically, holidays seem to be a relaxing pause between busy routines. But this conventional notion of holidays is changing day by day. In holidays, people tend to engage in unusual and adventurous activities rather than looking for comfort, calm or amenities. Several reasons, like competitive attitude, dangerous sports, prestige, lie in this current vogue. However, I think these changes have positive impact.

First of all, the world has become more competitive than it was before. People are always in race and do not want to tame the spirit even during their holidays. Accordingly, they have predilection for adventurous sports, such as skydiving, snowboarding, river rafting, paragliding, snowshoeing, scuba diving and so on. Besides, technology is changing the way tourists make holiday. People are being engaged in risky activities during their holidays, because technology has made it easy to take challenging activities furnishing safety measures.

In addition, tourists are propelled by the prestige of the destination or activities, which ought to be exclusive or unusual, perhaps inspire appreciation or envy in others. Moreover, people seek a unique destination or unusual activities so that they can get an exceptional, authentic experience because of having penchant for exploring new goals and wanting new experience. Furthermore, people lust for many records in order to be famous. One of my friends, Musa Ibrahim, reached the highest peak of Himalaya during his holiday trip and now he is a celebrity in the country and has earned both name and fame.

However, the implication of engaging unusual activities in the holidays is great. If the motto of the holiday is to rejuvenate life, then challenging and unusual activities are the best way to achieve it. Not only it boosts energy level, it equally makes competent to cope with our fast paced lifestyle. That is to say that these activities infuse new energy refreshing our body and mind in order to prepare us so that we can work more efficiently.

In conclusion, the new trend of holidays is associated with varying degree of risk, thrills and excitement in an exotic, unusual, and remote or wilderness destination. These activities increase the ability in adjusting an unexpected situation which every man should attain.