Teachers should also teach students how to judge right from wrong

IELTS Writing Task 2 with sample answer.

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Many people believe that teachers should also teach students how to judge right from wrong and how to behave, while others think they should just teach academic subjects.

What is your opinion?

Write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer:
Teaching is very demanding and complex task, which build or ruin the student’s career life. Here are some myths regarding teaching as the key role of teaching is considered to deliver information to student, and to evaluate the student achievement in return. Some people believe that the teaching is thankless profession, teachers are biased towards grading rather than using standardized testing, keep favoritism, they can only teach because they can’t do anything else etc. Therefore according to some believers teachers should be limited to teaching rather than other student behavioral involvements.

In my opinion the teacher is not only a transmitter of information, rather responsible for all kind of student’s behaviors. A teacher should be both teacher centered and student centered, for example they should deliver information on the child level, and should understand the child point of view according to their mental level. A teacher can polish their student by modifying their undesirable behaviors, as a student spend more quality time with teachers, so they can learn more desirable behaviors from them. A teacher observe verbal nonverbal cues, eye contact, posture gesture of students and can understand when and why an undesirable behavior occur and how it can be prevent. Students respect or dread more from their teacher rather than parents, through reinforcement, punishment and reciprocal inhibition, teacher can easily trained a lot to students. Some students show low performance in test, teacher should observe all the possible reasons and take steps to make capable them to face the hurdles.

Parent teacher counseling also should be conducted to assess the problematic behavior of the child to enhance his performance, for example sometime parents pressurize their kids in the selection of unwanted subjects as a result student lose their interest in studies, sometimes parent child relationship or parents mutual relationship, sibling comparison or other environmental factor like bullying, isolation from peers distress the child to keep concentration in studies and as a result the child began to indulge in behavioral or academic problems. A good teacher teach their students to face such circumstances patiently.

While teachers don’t find it easy to manage all academic and behavioral problem in the same time without parental involvement, but the parental unrealistic and over expectation form teachers causing difficulties for their own kids. Through awareness workshops, brochures, pamphlets parents should be psycho-educated that without their support all the goals regarding child academic and behavioral well-being is hard to achieve.

[ Written by – Sana Rehman ]