It is said that travel broadens the mind

IELTS Writing Task 2 with sample answer.

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

It is said that travel broadens the mind.

What can we learn by travelling to other countries? Should we first explore our own countries?

Write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer:
Travelling broadens our mind, enhances our knowledge and gives us unique first-hand experiences if it is done in a right way. To gain ideology of different cultures and to overcome the superstitions, travelling has no alternative. Every single day of travelling teaches us a different lesson, and we experience new things while we travel. So I quite agree that travelling to different places definitely broadens the mind.

Undoubtedly, travelling opens our mind in several ways; first of all, if it is done outside the country, the invaluable insights get developed in a person with the exposure of new ways of living, tradition, norms, regional belief, different perspectives and patriotism spirit. He also learns different languages, different expressions, posture and gesture of body language, which shows how this nation symbolizes the similar thing with different gesture. The outlook about life changes to some extent because of the absorption of different images, information and memory etc. The travellers also see the beauty of nature and feel relaxed, as it is commonly said that beauty of nature refreshes the mind. The travelers do not suffer from monotonous routine and they experience new things very frequently. Books are good source of knowledge but mostly theoretical while travelling offers practical knowledge and experiences.

Secondly, through travel a person learns about his own limitations, and realizes the new side of himself.  He keeps his eyes open before taking any step because what he feels normal may be beyond the norms there. All these things made him more flexible and accustomed to new custom and traditions.

Finally, I agree that we should first explore our home country and then explore the world. Home country offers us the most important knowledge about learning our own tradition and customs. We need to learn and explore our own country first and then go out to explore other parts of the world.

In conclusion, travelling is an excellent activity, which boarded the mind with the exposure of different social events and occurrence. One can pass his knowledge and experience to next generation to overcome the superstition regarding, nations, races, and casts and travelling makes it possible.

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