Qualified people are moving from poor to rich countries

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More and more qualified people are moving from poor to rich countries to fill vacancies in specialist areas like engineering, computing, and medicine. Some people believe that by encouraging the movement of such people rich countries are stealing from poor countries. Others feel that this is only part of the natural movement of workers around the world.

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Sample Answer :
It goes without saying that brain drain is a pressing problem for many developing countries. Every year, umpteen numbers of talents (such as engineer, computer programmer, and doctors) are migrating from poor nations to rich nations. As there is a worry about skills scarcities, rich world entice talents to study there and remain there after earning degree. So, there is no room for disagreeing that wealthy nations are stealing talents from poor countries.

In the developed world, there is a great concern about the skills shortages, particularly at the upper levels of their economies. Several factors lie in the matter. Demographic cliff in some European countries and Japan, notably decreasing the number of university-age people, especially fewer students are enrolling in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields to name just a few. This scenario menaces the rich world that they are going to face acute skills crisis.

However, they have found a solution to the problem. They intentionally boost the stay rate of international students. In other words, they lure international students, particularly from middle-income and developing countries, to stay after they accomplish their degrees. For example, most of the Indians and Chinese who have earned advanced degrees in U.S over almost a half-century have not come back to their homeland. Rich nations, actually, have made strategies to entice the best and brightest of professionals from poor nations, whom they educate, to remain and join the local work force. They liberalise visa regulations, open job opportunities, easy degree recognition, permit postgraduate work, and many other policies are being implemented.

In pithy, many argue that it is quite natural that people move to where they find better opportunity. It is okay but the facts testimony that the wealthy nations are making gimmick to solve their possible crisis.