Which one is more important – funding for building the economy or for education

IELTS Writing Task 2 with sample answer.

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Some people say that one of the most important areas for government funding should be building the economy, while others believe that education is more important.

Which do you believe is more important?

Write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer:
Economy and education- both are very important parts of the development and progress of a nation and have an interrelation. But here the question arises, which one should be given more funding? In my opinion both should be enhanced side by side, because without one, the other one is hard to achieve.

Here are some points which supports that both projects go side by side. First, if the population of a country has the opportunities for educations, but the roads are unpaved, there are deficiency of electricity, lack of environmental protection and safety, unemployment, poverty, high ratio of population, and low career opportunities, life wouldn’t be easy. Currently the Pakistan is suffering from more natural disaster (e.g. flood, earth quick, and deficiency of water) and men made disaster, bomb blasting, weak dam systems, deadly electric weapons etc. and if the safety of a man is in danger, how Government should pay more attention to only on education system?

On the other hand, as the population is increasing tremendously day by day, the educational policies should be made to overcome the ration of illiteracy. Government should take some steps to make the educational system as convenient as possible. Child labor is a painful dilemma of our society and that should be banned and children should be in classrooms rather than being in factories. The poor students should be given some stipend or allowance during their academic life.  An educated nation can alter the condition of a country, to make a country more successful, there is a need to educate every single person.

Both economic progress and better education facilities are important to make a country successful. Without an educated nation, the economic condition cannot be improved. Similarly without good economic condition, there will not have good opportunities for an educated person to serve the nation appropriately. Therefore both projects should be given same importance by the Government.