Number of mobile phones and landlines per 100 people

IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 with answer.

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

The chart shows the number of mobile phones and landlines per 100 people in selected countries.

Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information given.

You should write at least 150 words.

Mobile phones and land lines, per 100 people

mobile phones and landlines

Sample Answer 1:
The supplied bar graph gives information on land phone and mobile phone users in 7 different countries. As is observed from the graph, in Canada, US and Denmark more people use land phones than mobile phones while opposite trend is true for Italy, Sweden, UK and Germany.

As is given in the bar graph, 90 citizens out of hundred in Italy use cell phones, which is the highest rate among the given countries. In this country land line users are comparative lower (only 42 out of 100). The lowest rate of cell phone owners could be found in Canada where only 38% people use cell phones. The land line users in Canada exceed 60%. US have almost 49% mobile users compared to their 67% land line users. German, UK and Sweden have more cell phone users than their land phone users. Interestingly Danish people owned more than 80% cell phones as well as land lines and in this country per thousand landline users were slightly higher than the cell phone users. Finally cell phone is more popular in UK than the land lines.

In summery mobile phone is more popular in most of the European countries than land lines except Denmark while land line is more popular among Canadian and American people.