Nowadays More Tasks At Home And Work Are Being Performed By Robots

IELTS Writing Task 2 with sample answer.

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Nowadays more tasks at home and work are being performed by robots

Is this a negative or positive development?

Sample Answer:

In recent times, robotics has been playing an increasingly important role in both domestic and professional contexts, with robots being used to do a range of tasks. This essay will discuss the implications of this development in terms of whether it is a positive or negative development.

To begin with, it is clear that robots can be beneficial in a wide range of situations. For example, in domestic settings, robots can be used to perform lengthy and arduous tasks such as vacuuming or mowing the lawn, while in professional contexts they can be used to undertake dangerous or repetitive tasks such as welding or painting cars. This can provide significant time savings for people, allowing them to focus on more important work or spend more time with their family. Furthermore, robots can also be more accurate and reliable than humans in certain tasks, and when used in production lines can significantly increase the speed and efficiency of production.

However, there are also some potential drawbacks to the increased use of robots. For instance, it can lead to job losses for human workers, as robots are able to do certain tasks more quickly and accurately than humans. This could have a negative impact on the economy, as fewer people will have access to gainful employment which could in turn lead to an increase in poverty. Moreover, robots can be expensive to purchase, maintain and upgrade, and may require specialist skills to operate and repair, which could put them out of the reach of many small businesses.

In conclusion, the increased use of robots in both domestic and professional contexts can provide many advantages, such as increased accuracy, reliability and speed of production. However, it can also lead to job losses for human workers, and may be too expensive for many businesses to purchase and maintain. Therefore, it is important to consider the potential positive and negative implications of this development before embracing it.