Nowadays it is easy to apply for and be given a credit card

IELTS Writing Task 2 with sample answer.

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Nowadays it is easy to apply for and be given a credit card. However, some people experience problems when they are not be able to pay their debts back.

In your opinion, do the advantages of credit cards outweigh the disadvantages?

Write at least 250 words.

Model Answer:

Nowadays, human beings enjoy the freedom that no epoch of human history can imagine. Man can get what he wants; that is, he is now able to purchase commodities or services without making immediate payment just through a credit card. Yet what remain beyond the pleasure regarding such free purchasing approach are a multitude of troubles evolving from bad debts.

It goes without saying that credit card is a friend in need. This means that credit card offers people access to money and the facility to settle up later which is very useful in case of emergency. Moreover it helps people to maintain their quality lifestyle in a convenient way. Many a times, people want to obtain various commodities like tablets, smartphones, ornaments, exquisite meals, and even traveling packages which are beyond their immediate paying ability as they receive monthly salaries. In that case, credit card makes it possible to have those commodities what they long for without instant payment in cash. Instead, it gives people opportunity to spread the payment over several months. Furthermore, having a credit card means people can make purchases abroad without having concern for local currency. With the tiny card, people can attain a cozy lifestyle.

On the flip side, behind the bright facade of credit card, many people are affected by the problems spring up from the card. People are enticed to spend money they do not really have results in debts.  Most of the cases, consumers are less aware of the exact amount of money they spend due to the payment will be made at end of the month. They just keep in mind that they can purchase without making immediate payment. They can discern the liability only when a huge transaction knocks their door. Sometimes, when an individual cannot pay his debts, he is offered to apply for another loan in order to pay previous one. Consequently, he could be easily pinned down in the labyrinth of credit circle. Similarly, the prevalence of credit card among the youngsters undermines their capabilities to supervise their finance. Compare with the previous generation, the contemporary generation is more likely to be influenced by materialism. Recent studies show that young adults aged 18-25 are less likely to conglomerate wealth but simply spend on luxury item they craving for. As a result, they become spendthrift day by day.  The vital aspect of credit card is to allow people to buy products without the need to pay immediately. This option can be easily misused by consuming unnecessary things. The young adults are, thus, susceptible to bearing bad debts.

In sum up, I would like to reiterate that credit card is an essential thing for modern life. Although it has huge benefits, it can be curse for those who are unable to manage the card meticulously. So, the question of whether it designs our life in a better form or it destroys us depends on how we master the card.