Museums And Art Galleries Should Focus On Works That Show The History

IELTS Writing Task 2 with sample answer.

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write at least 250 words.

Museums and art galleries should focus on works that show the history and culture of their own country rather than works of other parts of the world

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample Answer:

Museums and art galleries can be seen as a window to the past, a reflection of the culture and history of a certain nation or region. It is therefore understandable that some may feel that these institutions should focus on displaying works related to their own country and culture, while avoiding works from other parts of the world. However, I firmly believe that it is more beneficial if these institutions display a variety of works and artefacts from around the world, and therefore disagree with the given statement.

Firstly, displaying works from other countries and cultures would provide visitors with an insight into the history and culture of the country or region in question. This could be particularly valuable in areas where the population is relatively homogenous, as it would give visitors the opportunity to experience different cultures and traditions without the need to travel abroad. This would in turn lead to a more diverse and tolerant society, as people become more aware of the customs and beliefs of other nations.

Additionally, showcasing works from outside the country or region would create a platform for greater international collaboration and understanding. For instance, if a museum in the UK were to display artefacts from Chinese culture, this could potentially lead to greater dialogue between the two countries, as people from both sides would be more likely to visit the museum. This would ultimately create a more peaceful and harmonious global environment, as people from different countries become more familiar with each other’s cultures and customs.

Finally, displaying works from other parts of the world can be beneficial to the host nation in a practical sense. For example, collecting and displaying works from other countries could be a lucrative business for the museum, as people from all over the world would be likely to visit the museum to view the collection. The museum would then be able to use the funds generated from ticket sales and other activities to finance its own cultural activities.

In conclusion, I believe that museums and art galleries should showcase works from other countries and regions, as this would lead to greater international understanding and collaboration, as well as providing a platform for the host nation to benefit financially.