Living In Large Cities Today Poses Many Problems For People

IELTS Writing Task 2 with sample answer.

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write at least 250 words.

Living in large cities today poses many problems for people

What are these problems?

Should governments encourage more people to live in smaller towns?

Sample Answer:

The population of large cities has increased significantly over the past decade. This has caused a number of problems for those living in such cities. This essay will discuss the main issues related to living in large cities and the potential benefits of encouraging people to live in smaller towns instead.

Firstly, one of the major problems with living in large cities is the high cost of living. This is due to the fact that property prices and rental costs tend to be higher in cities than in smaller towns. This makes it difficult for many people to find affordable accommodation and forces them to live in cramped and overcrowded conditions. In addition, the cost of basic necessities such as food and transport is also much higher in cities, which can put a strain on people’s budgets.

Secondly, living in large cities can be stressful and unhealthy due to the high levels of pollution, noise and overcrowding. The air quality in cities is often poor, with the toxic fumes from vehicles causing a range of respiratory illnesses. In addition, the noise levels in cities can be disruptive, especially at night, which can lead to sleep deprivation and other health issues. Moreover, the overcrowding in cities can be overwhelming, leading to feelings of isolation and depression.

Finally, living in large cities can be dangerous. The crime rates in cities tend to be higher than in smaller towns, which can make people feel unsafe. In addition, the traffic in cities is often congested, leading to increased risk of accidents.

In conclusion, living in large cities poses many problems for people, including high cost of living, pollution and overcrowding, and an increased risk of crime and accidents. Therefore, governments should consider encouraging more people to move to smaller towns and cities, where the cost of living is lower and the environment is safer. This could help to reduce the pressure on large cities, while providing people with a healthier and more affordable lifestyle.