How to write Resignation Letter

Resignation Letter:

Resignation letters are used to inform formally your employer you are currently working for that you no longer want to work for him and will be leaving him. The letters should be simple, concise, and to the point. The letters should be composed in a polite, courteous, and professional manner rather than making complaints about collegues, management, or the organization.

1. Structure :

  • Start with something positive about the person, organization, or company you are leaving.
  • Mention effective date of your resignation.
  • Mention the reasons for resigning:family move, poor health, greater opportunity for advancement, wish to change career, higher pay cheque, and so on.
  • Specifically mention that you have no pending task or assignment and if it is, you will finish before your leaving.
  • End on a pleasant note, expressing gratefulness for being associated with such a dynamic organization, for what you have learned, for being part of a new development, etc.

Handy Expressions:

Intent of Leaving sentence
I would like to inform you that…. I would like to inform you that I am resigning from my position as Sales Manager.
I am writing to… I am writing to let you know that I will be resigning from my position as Junior Manager next month.
Submit/tender my resignation The reason I am writing is to submit/tender my resignation.
Ask you to accept my resignation I would like to ask you to accept my resignation.
Formal notice of my resignation from… This letter will give formal notice of my resignation from Telenor Limited as Data Analyst.
Effective on… My resignation will be effective on 1 January, 2016.
Reasons of Resigning
An opportunity has recently arisen An opportunity has recently arisen whereby I will be able to make greater use of educational background and special ability in the field of marketing.
Be obliged to resign my position I am obliged to resign my position with the Three Wheel Company because of ill health.
To take my career in a different direction/move onto new… It is the high time to take my career in a different direction and move onto new opportunities and challenges.
Expressing appreciation
Appreciate having had the opportunity to work I appreciate having had the opportunity to work for such a nice company.
Appreciate the good employer-employee relationship… I appreciate the good employer-employee relationship we enjoyed over the years.
Appreciate the support you have provided me… I deeply appreciate the support you have provided me over the past five years.
Appreciate your help and guidance during my… I appreciate your help and guidance during my five year service with the Uniliver Company Limited.
I have very much enjoyed/learned… I have very much enjoyed/learned
Please accept my deepest gratitude… Please accept my deepest gratitude to the opportunities and assistance you have provided with me during my tenure with the corporation.
Ending Remarks
I wish you and the organization… I wish you and the organization the best of success in the future.
…for your understanding and support. Once again, thank you very much for your understanding and support.
Let me know if I can help with… Please feel free to let me know if I can help with the transition.
I will happy to do whatever… I will happy to do whatever I can to make this transition as easy as possible.


Example Question and Model Answer:

You have decided to leave your current job even though you enjoy it.
Write a letter to inform your manager of your decision. In your letter:

•    tell the manage about your decision and the reason for it
•    describe what you learnt in your current job
•    and ask the manager to write a reference letter to help you with future employment.

You should write at least 150 words.

Model Answer:

Dear Sir,

I appreciate to have worked for RFL Limited Company. I writing to let you know that, because my husband is being relocated to Sidney, I am hereby submitting my resignation effective from November 21, 2015. I have already completed all my pending tasks and possible near future tasks, and am available until my final employment date.

I am immensely grateful to RFL for giving me so many opportunity in the last 5 years of my service. I have learned how to work systematically to meet the deadline, and how to work in a stressful situation. In addition, I have honed many competences, like interpersonal skill, are crucial for professional and personal life.

I hope you have enjoyed working with me as much as I enjoyed working for you. At this time, I would like to request a reference letter so that I can continue to pursue my career in leather industry.

I really miss the camaraderie of your organization and I wish RFL much success in the future.

Sincerely yours,
Charles Toomer.

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