Expressions you should & should NOT use in IELTS discussion type Essay

Tips on writing IELTS discussion type Essay:

The IELTS discussion type essays are different than that of agreement/ disagreement type essays. While in agreement/disagreement type essay you clearly support a side and give your arguments why you support this side. On the other hand in a discussion type essay you do not write what you personally think, rather you mention what people thinks and you write both sides of the argument.

Let’s see the below examples for more clear understanding:

A discussion type essay topic:

Writing Topic

The word ‘discuss’ is clearly mentioned in the above essay topic. Since this is a discussion essay, you need to write about the both sides i.e. why many people think that it is parents’ responsibility to teach their children to recycle waster and also, why others opine that school is the best place to teach children to do this.

While writing your discussion essay, it is very important that you use simple tense and sometimes passive as well. And you can keep changing that through your essay to show flexibility and your writing skill. When you have a discussion essay, you have to support two different sides and it is not about your own opinion but this is about, what other people think, other peoples’ opinion and you have to support what they think.

Some useful expressions that you should use while developing a discussion essay:

  • Many people believe that:

This expression is commonly used, precise, clear and academic. You can use it in your discussion essay development.
Example: Many people believe that increasing the petrol price would very effectively tackle the traffic jam and environment pollution issues in many cities.

Instead of ‘believe‘ you can also use: argue/ opine/ state/ think.

Many people argue that….
Many people opine that….
Many people state that…..
Many people think that….

Instead of ‘many’ you can also use ‘Some’:

Some people think that…
Some people believe that…
Some opine that…
Some people state that…
Some argue that…

  • It is often thought that …

It is a passive expression and you can use it to give a variation on your essay writing tone.
Example: It is often believed that dependency on computers and internet has reduced the social bonding we used to have in the past.

Instead of ‘thought’ you can also use ‘believe’:
Example: It is often believed that the old way of life was much simpler than that of today’s world.

The word ‘commonly’ can be used instead of ‘often’.
Example: It is commonly believed that young people do not have decision making capabilities and hence should not be in managerial position in large organization.

Similarly you can also use “It is commonly believed that….”
Example: It is commonly believed that women make better parents than men.

Another similar expression is “It is frequently believe that…”
Example: It is frequently believed that practical knowledge is more important than the theoretical knowledge.

  • It is considered by many that …

This is a very nice expression, very academic and it is very good to use for your IELTS essay.
Example: It is considered by many that, travelling is a good way of enhancing knowledge.

  • Many argue that …

It is clear and very nice. You don’t need to tell many PEOPLE you could say many argue that.
Example: Many argue that investing money in space research is not justified when we have so many people starving.

A similar expression is “It is argued by many that…” which is a passive form.
Example: It is argues by many that universities should accept same number of male and female students in every department.

Instead of ‘many’ you can also use ‘some’ as “It is argued by some that…”
Example: It is argues by some that rich nation should not help poor countries by providing financial aids.

  • Some people support the opinion that …

It is very academic and very clear also. You can use it in your academic writing.
Example: Some people support the opinion that education is the most important aspect to build a rich nation.

  • On the one hand …

Example: On the one hand teachers should be given a good amount of money as monthly salary…

  • On the other hand …

Example: On the other hand, they should be obliged not to get involved in private teaching to earn extra money.

You should not use following expressions in your IELTS essay writing through it is often seen that many students love to use them:

On the side of …
This is not very academic. Though it is very much accepted in speaking, not using it in the academic writing is advised.

Again on the other side of …
This is not very academic.

The other side of the coin is …
This is a very popular idiom that many students prefer to use in IELTS essay, but not using it would be a better idea.

Like everything there is another side of the coin …