Economic growth should be promoted to end poverty and hunger

//Economic growth should be promoted to end poverty and hunger

Economic growth should be promoted to end poverty and hunger

IELTS Writing Task 2 with sample answer.

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Some people argue that economic growth should be promoted to end poverty and hunger. Others believe that it is damaging our environment so it should be stopped.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Essay 1:
Poverty and hunger is the most pressing issue in many developing countries. In many circles, it is argued that economic growth can quell the poverty and hunger. Conversely, others want to rein economic growth back as it brings forth environmental damage. Although it is a good point against the economic growth, I personally believe that economic growth plays a paramount role in alleviating poverty and hunger and economy can be thrived without compromising the environment.

Economic growth is the key instrument for eradicating poverty and ameliorating the quality of life in poorer countries. The growth can create a virtuous circle of opportunity and prosperity. A booming economy and job opportunities inspires parents to invest in their children education by sending them to school. This may cause the emergence of a sturdy and growing group of entrepreneurs. And it goes without saying that when people are able to generate their income, then the poverty and hunger will be eclipsed by the prosperity. In the instance, many studies reveal that the sustained and rapid growth is the single most crucial approach to curb poverty. A good example here is Vietnam. Between 1993 and 2002, poverty fell by 7.8% a year, halving the poverty rate from 58% to 29%. The evidence testifies that poverty and hunger can be conquered by a strong economic growth.

On the other hand, economic growth may impact on environment substantially. Example include the over exploitation of fish stocks, the destruction of forest through deforestation, loss of natural habitat and bio-diversity from the construction of new roads and highways, high-rise buildings, hotels, shopping malls, and industrial zones. However, growth means more production and more consumption, which in turn contribute to the huge expansion of waste and pollution. On the top of that, the huge production uses a substantial amounts of energy, burning more fossil fuels. As a result of burning fossil fuels, the climate is got warm eventually.

In my opinion, historically nothing has work better than economic growth in qualifying societies to ameliorate the living standards of their members, including those who at the very bottom. However, the growth also harms the environment severely. To that end, economic growth should be decoupled from the environmental damage by devising eco-friendly activities and innovating green technology.

Sample Essay 2:
Many parts across the world suffer pandemic poverty and hunger. The economists suggests that economic growth is the silver bullet to battle with poverty and hunger. On the other hand, the environmentalists shed light on the fatal damages of environment cause by economic growth. Both the sides have merits. However, I believe that we can boost economy while minimizing environmental damages.

To commence with, the governments in many developing countries put emphasize on some sectors, for example tourism, to eradicate poverty and hunger. Not only is tourism is seen as a key instrument for regional development, but also it embarks upon new economic activities. To do so, the government initiates developmental programme constructing several general infrastructures such as, roads and highways, airports, and so on. In addition, both the government and the private corporations make sure some essential tourism facilities like hotels, resorts, restaurants, shopping mall, golf course, marinas, and so forth. As a result, this development has tremendous positive economic impact on employment, on GDP, and on the balance of payments. Which by consequence ameliorates the living standards of marginal community by alleviating poverty and hunger. That is to say, local people can be employed in tourism enterprise, goods and services provided to the tourists. Another key point is that they may small and community-based enterprises. Eventually, they will no longer remain poor and hungry.

On the flip side, these developmental activities have adverse effects on environment. Tourism often poses potential threats to the natural resources of the area. It can put immense pressure on the area which in turn contributes to soil erosion, contaminating sea and river, natural habitat loss, and so on. For example, forests are likely suffered by the tourists in the form of deforestation. They collect wood for fuel. One trekking tourist in Nepal, a country is suffering the impacts of deforestation, usually uses 4 to 5 kilograms of wood a day revealed by a local survey report.

From what has been discussed above, economic growth can be deemed as double-edged sword as contributing to both the curbing poverty and hunger, and the damaging environment simultaneously. But we can reduce environmental damages caused by economic activities. What we need is to introduce well-planned eco-friendly tourism instead of uncontrolled conventional tourism. So, I believe we can fight against poverty and hunger by boosting economic growth without damaging environment.


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