Describe a popular sport in your country

//Describe a popular sport in your country

Describe a popular sport in your country

IELTS Speaking: Cue Card

Describe a popular sport in your country.

You should say:

  • what it is
  • what types of equipment are needed for it
  • how is it played

and explain why it is so popular in your country.

Cue Card Answer:

Thank you for the nice question. This is a relevant one for me because I love sports I am talking about. Skiing is a popular sport in Iran. In fact, the country has some specific mountains for this purpose. People across the country go skiing in those mountainous regions. In fact, the abundance of mountains has made it possible for people to ski here. Consequently, a notable number of ski resorts have grown in the areas.

Usually, skies are needed for this sport. People also can use two sticks if they want. But ski gear is a must for the riders as the skies go downwards to a slope. So, if you do not have the ski gears on, there are chances of fatal injuries if you fall accidentally. And getting hurt during skiing is not a good thing indeed. The ski experts are too much cautious about the issue and they suggest to use the protective materials during the sport at any time of the year.

First of all, two ski boards are needed for this purpose. The participants need to attach the ski boards on their feet. Skiing is about keeping balance. The participants need to move towards a slope at a great speed. So, they need to follow some rules during the skiing. The participants can also use sticks or even can run without sticks. If they want a better control of the speed, sticks are the must.

Skiing is popular in Iran for several reasons. First of all, the mountains are the best places for this purpose. And the abundance of mountainous regions has made it easier for people to visit the places and take part in skiing. The overall cost of the sport is also reasonable. And the most important thing is that people love the sport for its adventurous nature.

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