Describe an occasion when you received a good service from a company/shop

IELTS Speaking: Cue Card

Describe an occasion when you received a good service from a company/shop.

You should say:

  • who provided this service
  • what service it was
  • when you received this service

and explain how you felt about it.

Cue Card Answer:

My recent experience in a bookshop near the Eiffel Tower was splendid. I was looking for a particular book on the Medieval history of England but it was not available anywhere. Finally, I got the book in this shop and with the help of the lady staff. She had to spend almost an hour finding the book for me. In fact, I had to wait for about half an hour to collect the book.

Actually, such dedicated services are unusual. The buyers need to select the book and pay the cash. But this time, I could not find the book in the store by myself. And a friend of mine referred this shop to me as they sold some old collections. So, I asked for a help from the bookshop manager and he asked a staff to help me. Though it was the busiest time of the day, she was cordial enough to get the book from a pile that was left in the storeroom.

I went in the evening to buy the book. And this is the time when all the bookstores become busy with customers and visitors. They come and visit the stores and grab the books or magazines they want. So, this is really hard to get an assistant to seek out the desired book amid thousands of the other collections. This was a tough job indeed and I felt lucky to have it done in the rush hour.

I felt glad when I got the book. In fact, I had been looking the book for about past three weeks. I have visited almost all the reputed bookstores in the city but none of them could provide me with the book. So, when I came to know that this particular store has a copy of the book, my heart was filled with joy.