Describe an invention that has changed people’s life

IELTS Speaking: Cue Card

Describe an invention that has changed people’s life.

You should say:

  • what it is
  • who invented it
  • when it was invented

and explain how it changed people’s life.

Cue Card Answer:

At present, we see the application of drones in different stages of life. In fact, drones are now used for numerous purposes. This is an unmanned aerial vehicle used for mostly surveillance for military purposes. But with the change of time, its applications have changed a lot. We now use them even for photography. They capture far better photos than selfie sticks. And they have different features too for taking photos. And this is a lighter and small aircraft without any pilot. Its operation is easier too.

The idea of using drones for military purposes emerged in the 1940s but its application came into reality in the 1970s. This time the military drone was the brainchild of John Stuart Foster Jr. He initiated the idea from his hobby to build weapons. And since then drones underwent a lot of modifications. Now it has become a great part of modern warfare and life.

The key development of drones began after 1971. And since the year, it has been modified and used in various cases. Many of the countries have conducted experiments on drones to suit their specific needs. Some of the nations have used the drone for spying on other nations, while some of the states have used it to protect people and support them in disasters and many more.

The invention of the drone has changed the lives of modern people. The use of the aircraft is now not limited only to military purposes. Even an ordinary man can have this to serve his/ her needs. And recently, drones are highly popular in photography and videography. Drones are also used for recreational purposes among children of different ages. Besides, drones are useful in agriculture, search and rescue operations and for many other commercial purposes.