Describe a class rule that you liked in your school/college

//Describe a class rule that you liked in your school/college

Describe a class rule that you liked in your school/college

IELTS Speaking: Cue Card

Describe a class rule that you liked in your school/college.

You should say:

  • what rule it was
  • who imposed this rule
  • how you felt about this rule

and explain how this rule helped the class.

Cue Card Answer:

Expression of opinion in the classroom was my favourite rule when I was in a college in Germany. In fact, the teachers wanted us to express ourselves. They did not obstruct the ideas of expressing our thoughts and emotions. I think this was the greatest rule in the entire college and helped the students greatly to become themselves. When students are allowed to express their thoughts – let it be too much silly or irrelevant- they can understand the topic clearly amid the participatory process.

The college authority imposed the rule on the students. And I thank them from the core of my heart for such an effective rule application in the everyday life of the students. At times, it happens that a student is unable to understand a topic specifically. And if s/ he is allowed to talk over the issue or allowed to explain what he understood, it becomes easier for them and also the class to know about it. When there is any information gap, the students can come to know about them and fill the gaps in with the required information.

Honestly, I did not feel upset with the rule. Rather, it was inspiring to me. Majority of the students were supporting the rule. It helped to get closer to the topic and an open discussion helped greatly to comprehend the complex topics. So, I felt very good about the rule. It was effective for me too to get inside some of the selected topics and finally, I understood them very well.

The rule helped the class to get clear concepts. When everyone discussed a single topic in the class for understanding, it was beneficial for all of us to get the right ideas. And they did well in the exams too. Importantly, their concepts were clearer.

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