Children’s leisure activities must be educational

IELTS Writing Task 2 with sample answer.

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.
You have been asked to write about the following topic.

Some people believe that children’s leisure activities must be educational, otherwise they are a complete waste of time.

Do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

Idea Generation for this essay:

In agreement (Children’s leisure activities must be educational)1. Educational leisure activities are always helpful

  • Free time activities of children affect significantly to their overall growth. In this regards, effective and educational leisure activities are always helpful.
  • Educational leisure time ensures the best use of time for the children.
  • Educational activities often involved parents’ participation and hence it is helpful in tightening the parent-child relationship.
  • This enhances the creativity and enthusiasm among children.
  • Children can stay away from harmful activities by getting engaged in educational activities in their leisure time.
  • Researches indicate that children who get engaged in educational leisure activities often excel students who have unproductive activities in their leisure time.
  • Educative leisure activities make sure that the children and properly guided by the parents.
  • It also involves reading non-academic books which are very helpful for the children.

In disagreement (Children’s leisure activities must NOT be educational)

3. It would make them bored

  • Children today are already stressed out. Their leisure activities should not be controlled by parents.
  • Free leisure activities often inspire children to do creative things.
  • Controlled leisure activities often negatively affect children psychologically.
  • Free leisure activities inspire children to play and move a lot. In terms of proper physical growth, this is very helpful.
  • Not allowing children to do things of their own in their leisure time would make them bored and depressed and that would affect their academic performance.
  • Too much control on children’s activities is proven to be negative in so many cases that parents should give some spaces to their children. Letting them enjoy their leisure time could be a good thing to do.



Model Answer :
Today, along with growing interest in child education, attention to the leisure time that how it should be spent also increased. Many feel that kids should engage in educational activities in their leisure hour, if not it would be waste of time. In this essay, it is proved; however, that free time ought to be authentically recreational. It is in this sense that free time means children have already completed their study. Therefore, children should be provided with the activities what they enjoy and that will sharp their average improvement. This will be showed based on two reasons.

In the first place, when it is about children’s overall development, leisure time activities are as crucial as traditional education. Children can develop crucial cognitive and motor skills through play.  For instance, some sports activities like soccer, baseball, basketball, etc. not only teach a skill, but also teach how to work as a team towards a common goal.

Moreover, taking break and having fun is a part and parcel of life, particularly for children. Through the short break between study periods, children can refresh them from stress which ultimately resulting in efficient study. In addition, sports improve fitness and build healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, creative mind will grow while there is no obligation or pressure from others. That is to say, even play with water and sand can be effective to a bright inquiring mind.

To put it in a nutshell, childhood is the sweetest part of life a man have. That is why it would be unwise if we steal their childhood away. Instead, I firmly believe that we should make sure their leisure time what the children really enjoy.