Bicycles are the best mode of transport in the cities

IELTS Writing Task 2 with sample answer.

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Some people believe that bicycles are the best mode of transport in the cities, others disagree.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both views and give your own opinion.

Write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer 1:
Bicycle is a wonderful mode of transportation known to man. Many people believe that nothing compares to the utility of this simple transportation in the traffic-ridden cities, others refute the notion, although. To my way of thinking, bicycle is simply awesome as it helps curb traffic congestion and air pollution as well.

The antagonists of bicycle argue that it cannot carry many people at a time, yet creates obstacles for other transports or vehicles. They go on saying that hundreds of people are wounded or maimed in cycle accidents every week. So, there is severe security concern associated with bicycle. Moreover, bicycles are not a good choice as a reliable mode of transport when the weather is adverse. Furthermore, biking can cause pain. Cyclists have to utilize their lower back in order to power and control the cycle. Consequently, back pain is common in cyclists.

The proponents of bicycles, on the other hand, stress the need for bicycles in the city life. They argue that bicycles are the most useful form of transport to combat against traffic gridlock as well as environmental damages, as many cities are suffering from traffic jam due to the increasing number of private cars or other modes of vehicles. Bicycles are tiny and need less space on the road, therefore, cycles could be the key tool curbing traffic congestion. Apart from that, it does not need gasoline, which means that cycles do not exhaust toxic fumes into the environment. So, not only does it reduce traffic jam, but also cycle does not cause meaningful pollution at the time of operation.

In fine, the gridlock situation in the city roads tend to tilt towards bicycles. I agree with the people who argue that cycles are the best form of transport. Since it brings forth no toxic fumes and also good for health averting obesity.

Sample Answer 2:
Views over riding bicycles in cities are different and the advantages and demerits it has makes it a worth debating issue. Some favor the use of bicycle in city areas while some others refutes it as they do not prefer riding on two wheels. But there are a great number of advantages of riding bicycles inside a city and often it is considered as the best mode for commuting in a city.

The top most advantage of riding a bicycle is that bicycle is an environment friendly vehicle and does not require fuels. Only physical labor is enough to run the wheels. Automobiles require much more maintenance than a bicycle needs. Thus, using a bicycle is economic as well. One can easily ride a bicycle and can reach the destinations earlier than using cars or other mechanized vehicles.

But there are some people who are against bicycle with the excuse that riding is uncomfortable for them. They allege that the small seat is unable to hold their body. Moreover, they are on the view that being a non-motorized vehicle, it requires more physical labor than expected. Besides, there are no sheds and when it rains heavily, one cannot ride on it. They also argue on the point that it is more prone to accidents as the other automobile drivers do not care for bicycles on roads.

If we consider the advantages again, we will find that a bicycle requires a little parking spot. Being a non-motorized transportation mode, the rider does not need to get a drivers’ license for it. The rider can ride on the bicycle at any time of the day and there are almost zero maintenance costs for the bicycle. Further, the rider can avoid traffic congestions and in some cases they can carry the bicycle on their shoulder which is impossible for an automobile. Is it possible to carry a motor bike on shoulder, cross the traffic congested area and ride on the motor bike again? But it is usual with a bicycle.

Finally, it is figured out that a bicycle has minor disadvantages which could be easily avoidable. In fact there are some people who are reluctant to have physical labor and feel comfortable with the mechanized lifestyle. So, they are on the argument with the demerits ignoring the usefulness. Thereby, it clearly appears that bicycles are the best transportation modes in a city to travel comfortably in a regular manner.