Artists should be allowed to show their talents

//Artists should be allowed to show their talents

Artists should be allowed to show their talents

IELTS Writing Task 2 with sample answer.

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Artists should be allowed to show their talents, the government should not restrict their creativity.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer 1:

Art is the demonstration of human creativity. It has been playing paramount role in every facet of our private, social, and national life. That is why, many people argue that the government should pave the way for artists so that they can exhibit their talents. In my opinion, the government ought to create an atmosphere conducive for the artist, rather confine their creativity.

Arts and culture brings enormous benefits to individuals, society, and nation as a whole. Arts and culture ignite creativity and innovation. Not only does it spark creativity, but also individuals embrace arts and culture to relieve their stress. Apart from that, arts and culture also have social impact. They are the key component of a vibrant society. Whether they act explicitly through the social events associated with artists, or implicitly by inspiring the civic participation of people, arts and artists play a significant role in community development. For instance, the researchers of University of Pennsylvania revealed that the high concentration of cultural activities foster the sense of a community embracing all classes. The artists, thus, use their arts as a conduit for civic engagement.

Likewise, artists can promote tourism industry of a country, which in turn will create myriad job opportunities. Eventually, many people would ameliorate their living standard, and can contribute to the GDP. Thus, the artists could be useful for a robust economy. In addition to this, the artists can demonstrate cultural heritage of a nation. Which by consequence bring forth an automatic sense of harmony that strengthens the country’s unity.  So, the artists also contribute to the national arena.

In pithy, the artists are the persons who perpetuate the progress of a nation. Based on above discussion, the government should support the artist for blooming the arts.

Sample Answer 2:

Art is the unique form to express one’s inner thoughts and feelings while an artist can reflect those in very special ways. Generally artists are born with extraordinary talents but when the government tries to impose or restrict their talents, the process greatly hampers the mental advancement of the nation.

Currently, art is present everywhere. What we do is an art. What we think is an art. Even, what we wear is an art as well. But not everyone can be an artist. It requires extra attention and talents to be an artist. The range of art is not limited to any subject matters or in music, painting or cultural activities. It is spread in everywhere. People who are artist just perform the acts in their distinctive ways. They think different, speak different and act unusually.

But when the government imposes over them, for instance an unkind ruler is ordering a band group to compose a song favoring him or his government; the real meaning of art is hampered. When not performed accordingly, the government/ ruler may start pondering over blocking their ‘strange’ activities. Currently, some of the states are systematically removing arts and artists from their societies but it should not be done. If it is done, at the end of the day, it is the government who will suffer for the want of creativity.

Artists are considered as the free thinkers of a society. They are enriched with creative ideas which all aim to improve the society, community and the mankind. Each of the art forms has some educative values and those are represented in the artists’ activities. Thereby, when a government is planning to obstruct the artists’ activities, simply it points that the government is unaware about the serious damages of state’s innovative resources which could be used for the advancement.

Finally, it appears that a government wants to remove art and artists when they do not favor the state rules or policies. But it should be kept in mind that creativity is different from the ordinary matters and may not always follow rules. When the creativity will be blocked, the nation will lag behind in terms of art, culture and education. Advancement will be stopped. Thereby, it is imperative for any government not to impose or restrict the creative activities by the artists.

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