Alternative and traditional forms of medicine are becoming increasingly popular

IELTS Writing Task 2 with sample answer.

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Alternative and traditional forms of medicine, such as acupuncture, are becoming increasingly popular. Some people say that not only do these forms of medicine not work, they can be dangerous. While others believe that they are more effective than conventional medicine.

What is your opinion?

Write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer:
In the modern time, more or less everyone is suffering from some mental or physical disturbance like body pain (e.g. neck, back, shoulders pain) and mental pain like depression, anxiety and somatic pain, let along other severe diseases. Some people use convenient medical treatment for heeling their pain while others believe that alternative forms of medicine like acupuncture, body message and relaxation therapies work more effectively for them. I believe that these alternative forms of treatments are helpful in dealing many diseases but they are never better than the convenient medicine.

According to many, acupuncture treatment was introduced in China several hundred years ago and it is very effective for many patients. It is little bit painful but an effective healing method, in which sharp needles are inserted in different parts of the body, to improve the self-healing process. Basically it deals with the musculoskeletal pain, knee pain, leukopenia, morning sickness, renal colic, and much more. Thus many would agree that this is even a better treatment system than the conventional medicine. However, where is the scientific base of such alternative treatments?

Again, there are many reasons many people believe and rely on alternative medicine. First of all, they strongly believe that unlike modern medicines such treatments do not have side effects. But believing this based on scientific ground is not possible. Would not it harm human body if needles are wrongly injected in sensitive parts of our body? According to the supporter of the alternative medicine, these kinds of treatments are less expensive and more relaxing. They believe that through such treatment their body becomes active and fit, and that’s why such healing treatment is gaining more popularity in many countries. However, if you closely observe, those types of treatments are popular in less developed country where the percentage of uneducated people is quite high. Believing in mantra and magical healing may be a thing of the past century but relying on those in this modern era is bit ludicrous.

In summary, Science based medicines have some side effects and they are known. Plenty of researches are conducted for the conventional medicine based treatment while alternative treatment are rooted as personal believe and miracles. Since proper scientific grounds are yet to be established for the alternative medicines, they are far more dangerous to rely on.

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