Advertising encourages us to buy things that we really do not need

IELTS Writing Task 2 with sample answer.

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Some people say that advertising encourages us to buy things that we really do not need. Others say that advertisements tell us about new products that may improve our lives.

Which viewpoint do you agree with?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience

Write at least 250 words.

Model Answer :
View differs when it comes to the impact of advertising. Some people contend that advertising provokes to buy unnecessary things. On the contrary, others assert that it provides us with information of products that furnish our lifestyle. While both statements have their merit, it may be applied under different circumstances. In my opinion, advertising is conducive in improving our lives.

To begin with, advertising often tend to misguide people. Most of the cases, they stress only on advantages and hide the demerits. Not only they use partial information, but equally use famous celebrities in order to manipulate people’s buying decision. For example, famous celebrity randomly is used in cigarette or alcoholic products and many fans who are influenced by the celebrity are easily biased from these ads. These products are not only unnecessary for them, but they are also detrimental for their health. Again, products in ads are presented in a exaggerate way that consumers are craving for them. According to a 2007 study by American Kaiser Family Foundation, half of all advertising time on children’s television is devoted to food advertising. None of this time comprises advertisements for healthy foods. The Kaiser Family study found that food advertisements make extensive use of taste appeal to sell products, and simultaneously they also associate the products with fun like the appeal of contests. In addition, many ads emphasize on health benefits to be obtained from their products. It often highlights that the products comprise essential nutrients which has no factual evidence and thus people are deceived from this advertising.

Many, however, contend that advertising plays a fantastic role in terms of giving useful information about the products. Advertising provides us with useful information which helps us judging different products available in the market. In my case, I always collect information about products to compare their feature and price before purchasing. Moreover, many a times, advertising is very useful tool for introducing new products. For instance, cellphone manufacturers cater information about their new products with unique features and knowing the information, consumers decide which products suit best for their need. In addition, advertising also informs us about various offers that some particular products announce which helps to make plan for weekly shopping. Furthermore, normally in advertising, manufactures focus the best feature of their product which influences other manufactures to have better product in order to compete. In that case, competitors tend to offer a quality product in a comparatively reasonable price. Thus, consumers can get the best product with a cheaper price which ultimately develops their overall lifestyle.

To wrap up, advertising has both positive and negative sides as every other thing has. So, it is the responsibility of the consumers not to be induced by the attractive ads and they should be sensible while taking buying decision that which one is appropriate for them and which one is not.